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Fostering Independence at Home

Fostering Independence at Home

A focal point to Montessori is independence. Not only is it importantthat we foster and promote independence in the children’s house (classroom) butas well in our own homes. The child is saying “help me to do it myself,” and wemust help the child foster their inner need for independence regardless of ourown fears of the time commitment it will take. Here are a few ideas of how youcan promote independence in your own home:


1.Never dofor the child what the child can do for himself. If your child knows how to ziphis own coat, feed himself, etc. then allow him to do it at all times.


2.Give yourchild plenty of time to do things for himself. For example, ensure that yougive your child enough time in the morning to allow them to get ready bythemselves.


3.If yourchild can’t yet do certain tasks such as zip up his own coat then allow him tohelp you help him. You can always put the pin in the tab and then allow yourchild to pull the tab up. You may have to do one step, but allow your child todo the next. Whatever you may have to do for your child do it slowly so theycan see what and how you are doing it.

4.Allow yourchild to participate in tasks and chores around the house. These are choresthat are good for little hands that will also help you out such as dustingbaseboards, tying up the garbage bags, setting the table, folding socks,sweeping the floor with a hand broom, etc. Always show your child how to do itfirst in brevity but detail and then allow them to carry it out, this willdemonstrate to them your expectations.

5.Allow yourchild to help participate in their daily hygiene routine such as brushing theirown hair, putting on their own clothes, washing their face, etc. 

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